About Us

Stumbled Upon Apparel

Based In Ann Arbor Michigan

Hey there! I'm Ross and I'm the founder of Stumbled Upon Apparel. I've always been a strong believer in embracing the person you are and letting your true colors fly! This world is filled with so many amazing individuals and what a beautiful sight it is when they clinch onto what and who they are! How we dress can say a lot about who we are. With Stumbled Upon, you have the opportunity to express who you are with our one of a kind apparel.

When we first started, this shop was mainly focused on vintage pieces. While most of our collection consists of Vintage shirts jackets crewnecks etc, we also have some more modern pieces that are just as eye catching. 

Like our beautiful picture quality? That's all thanks to our photographer, Valerie Pitzen! Check out more of her work at valeriepitzen.myportfolio.com !